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Installation information

Wood floors are a unique flooring product, they are different from almost all other flooring options. Wood WILL expand and contract with the seasons.

For this reason it is important to correctly prepare the ‘sub floor’ (concrete, particle board, plywood etc) to a point where it is ready to for your wood floor.

Concrete sub floors – first we must perform a moisture test on the concrete, if everything is fine the next step is a ‘concrete grind’ and then a ‘moisture barrier’ (in most cases 2 barriers) is applied. Any low/high points will need to be repaired.

Wood sub floors – any high points or hollows need to be sanded or leveled

These steps are critical to ensure that you have a floor that is not only flat but free of any moisture problems that may occur further down the track. Excess moisture will have a huge impact on your floor that may result in total up lift and re-installation.

All skirting, and in the case of kitchens toe kicks and end panels, must be left off. In a new home or a renovation this will not be a problem, you just need to let your builder/kitchen installers know.

In an existing home where skirting etc are already fixed we can remove and re-fit for you, it all depends on the situation. We will find a solution!

Important - floor installation is a unique trade, when we are in the process of installing your new floor that it is very important that NO other tradesman should be working in the same areas.

Unless they have wings and do not need to walk on the floor!